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Classification of masks
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In our daily lives, many people often wear masks. Masks are no longer used when sick or unwell. Many people also use masks as decorations. There are quite a few brands of masks on the market. 
Classification of masks:
1. Ordinary degreased gauze mask
2. Disposable medical mask
3. Medical surgical masks
4. Medical protective mask
Mask use:
1. Ordinary degreased gauze mask: antifreeze
2. Disposable medical masks and medical surgical masks: block germs and physical particles, and can block droplets; doctors can reduce pollution to clean medical care (operating areas), and patients can reduce or block the spread of air and droplets disease.
3. Medical protective mask: anti-microbial aerosol and physical particles, can effectively block pathogenic droplet particles, mainly used to protect the wearer from infection;
4. N95 masks: When exposed to airborne diseases, medical staff need to wear medical protective masks above N95 masks to effectively protect themselves.

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