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Why not use black for medical masks
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Usually not. Medical masks The masks worn by medical staff at work are usually blue or light blue. Because this color is more integrated with the environment of the operating room, it can also relax the patient and reduce the tension of the patient. rarely use. The color is dark to black, so black masks are usually not medical surgical masks, but may be ordinary disposable masks.
There are also two types of disposable black masks, one is daily disposable black masks, and the other is medical disposable black masks. Both have a certain degree of security, but there is a certain gap in security. . The disposable black masks used daily are often more beautiful. They are usually made of two layers of materials, which can block dust and other substances and have a certain filtering effect, but they are not high. Basic daily dust protection is no problem. The disposable medical black mask has 70% protective effect. Usually, it uses three protective layers of material, the outermost layer is a hydrophobic layer, the middle is a filter, and the inner layer is a skin-friendly layer. It can withstand 70% of bacteria, viruses, dust, etc., and there is no problem with daily bacteria and virus protection, and it is more suitable for daily protection in special periods.

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