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Reasons for the smell of newly bought medical masks
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The newly-purchased medical mask has a smell, which may be the residual smell after ethylene oxide disinfection and sterilization. It is recommended to take it out for ventilation and eliminate the smell before wearing it. If it is not a medical mask but an ordinary disposable mask, there are many reasons for the smell of the mask. Among them, the common non-woven mask has the peculiar smell due to the peculiar smell generated by the raw material in the process of refining; bad merchants add regrind to reduce costs The odor caused by the mask; the sour odor caused by the wrong process of the non-woven activated carbon mask in the production process.
If the mask has not expired, it is a regular production mask, it can be used when it smells. The main function of disposable medical protective masks is to isolate droplets or blood in the air, and to isolate body fluids or body fluids in the air. Other secretions can also absorb dust, which is a good tool to protect the health of doctors. Generally speaking, disposable medical masks must undergo rigorous testing and undergo certain medical treatment and maintenance before use.

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