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Product introduction:ESLH-11A Powered Electric Stair Climbing Trolley Hand Cart For Heavy cargos

Product description

ESLH-11A Powered Electric Stair Climbing Trolley Hand Cart For Heavy cargos

Item No.: IFA-IIZ891244
Min. Order: 1 Piece
The manual handing of heavy goods on stairways can easily lead to accidents.
ESLH Electric Stair Climber not only safely moves heavy loads with power control.
ESLH Electric stair climbing folding cart can lift 190~310kg(depend on the models)

Technical Features:

1.The stair climber hand truck are mainly used for high-rise buildings haul goods up and down the stairs, only one person can use.
2.The materials of stair climber hand truck is made of high-strength aluminum alloy.
3.Extra wide sliding system for safer and easier transfer.
4.Three position lift bar help any size operator move the hand pallet truck on the stair.
5.Castor size:Ф125/75mm, rear castor with brakes.
Model ESLH-11A
Metrial Aluminum alloy
Thickness 1.2mm/1.5mm/3.2mm
Product size 1960*660*440mm
Fold size 1000*220*120mm
Package size 140*215*950mm
Weight capacity 160kg/160kg/220kg
Max Capacity 190kg/190kg/250kg
N.W. 6kg
Fabric material 600D Nyron
Carton size(4pieces/carton) 950*400*250mm
G.W. 30kg/32kg/34kg


Product parameters

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