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Product introduction:ESLH-ST004 Manual Evacuation Stair Chair

Product description

ESLH-ST004 Manual Evacuation Stair Chair

Item No.: IFA-TOR733045
Min. Order: 1 Piece

The Escape evacuation disabled chair is a safety product that is specifically designed to allow an individual to assist a person who has reduced mobility or physical disability quickly and safely down stairs during an evacuation.

Technical feature:
1.The aluminum alloy stair stretcher wheelchair is mainly used for high building's lift carrying patients. Only one person can operate this stretcher.
2.It has four wheels and will be easy for moving on ground.
3.The aluminum alloy stair stretcher wheelchair approves the patient's safety during transport process with two pieces of belts.
4.It is made aluminum alloy materials. It characterized by its being light-weight, small-sized, easy-carried, use-safely and easy for sterilization and clean.
5.Emergency stairs related products: portable stairs, floating stairs, curved stairs, emergency ladder, round stairs , stage stairs,scaffold stairs, light emergency, door emergency, emergency buoy。

Model ESLH-ST004
Product size 85*52*137cm
Foldaway size 110*54*18cm
Packing size 112*56*20cm
Load limit 159kg
N.W. 9kg
G.W. 10kg
Frame material Aluminum alloy
Chair surface material PVC


Product parameters

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